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Laguna Beach is Southern California's premier seaside destination, midway between Los Angeles and San Diego. A year-round retreat for art lovers, nature enthusiasts and beach goers, Laguna Beach features seven miles of soft sand and surf.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

“Ask Mrs. Honey B., Certified Life Coach”

Maripat Donovan and Marc Silvia give us a new play, “Ask Mrs. Honey B., Certified Life Coach” that sheds light on the complicated and often hilarious dynamic of relationships. They’ve created a gregarious and personable character in Mrs. Honey B. who is a former Home Economics teacher that has found her second calling as a couple’s life coach. Donning a bright pink jacket, a bedazzled coach whistle and a yellow pom-pom she roars onto the stage with all the gusto of Tony Robbins. The show is staged as if you are attending one of Mrs. Honey B’s motivational seminars and so be ready for her to throw a few questions your way.

Over the course of the play we learn that Mrs. Honey B. has decided that after years of teaching and raising her own family that she wanted to take the “vast” knowledge she garnered from that experience and use it to assist young couples to find a happy balance in their relationships. She presents us with a complete PowerPoint presentation of how to accomplish our “Full Life Flower” potential (insert mockery of life coaching lingo that will have you holding your belly from laughter).  The real fun begins when she brings out one of her real life couples to do a coaching session on-stage. She explores those typical “roadblocks” that happen in relationships; “Is a python an appropriate pet to have?”, “How much should the manicure budget be?”, “How much is too much when it comes to stalking ex’s on Facebook?”, and “Why don’t you dress in what I want you to wear?” Mrs. Honey B. uses visualization to help Angie and Frank overcome their differences and find their “Full Life Flower” potential. 
Whether you’re single or in a relationship you will be chuckling along with the rest of the audience at the absurdity of what we sometimes allow to become “roadblocks” in our lives.

Now Playing thru June 24th
Ask Mrs. Honey B., Certified Life Coach
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By Anne-Marie S.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Retro Charm Discovered at The Tides Inn

The charm of Laguna Beach comes to life at the Tides Inn. Here owners Linda and Dale have created a quaint hideaway in North Laguna that still remains one of Laguna’s best-kept secrets.

The Tides Inn sits on an unassuming strip along PCH (Pacific Coast Highway), only ½  a block north of Main Beach and across from the northern tip of Heisler Park. Yet, when you make your way onto the property and eventually to your room you begin to see that The Tides Inn is not a cookie cutter hotel. Here, retro charm abounds and you are welcomed with a warm smile and greeted by name.

Linda and Dale uniquely decorate each of the 21 rooms using a combination of finds from local businesses, as well as  repurposed and up-cycled finds from local thrift stores. The rooms are bright, cheerful and beachy with some unsuspecting comforts of home like books, classics and new favorites all found at garage sales or thrift shops. Each room is also outfitted with a flat screen TV. Ten of the rooms have large kitchenettes and three have fully equipped kitchens. Linda and Dale have brought some of their personal touches to each room with their favorite quotes painted on the walls such as “Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air” and “Dreams are necessary to life” and “Life itself is the proper binge.” All the artwork in the rooms are created by local Laguna Beach artists, many of them personal friends of Linda and Dale.  In fact, supporting the local businesses, including artists is of the upmost importance to ownership. They are longtime Laguna Beach residents and have a genuine love for this town. In the office some of the d├ęcor comes from Madison Square & Garden Cafe, the driftwood art pieces are from Coast Hardware and the colorful tiles on the outside walls were handmade by Judy, the hotel Manager, at a Sawdust Studio Art Class.

While at The Tides Inn you can also enjoy enjoy some outdoor amenities including a heated salt-water pool, BBQ and fire pit. Linda finds that during the evenings in spring and summer, you will find a few guests using the grill and there is always a crowd around the fire pit sharing stories and a few good laughs.

Owners Dale and Linda, and onsite Managers Joe and Judy are about the most hospitable  people you’ll ever come across  and with their eye for detail, design and service, they have brought back the charm of the 1950s to The Tides Inn.

The Tides Inn
460 North Coast Hwy
(949) 494-2494 (Call for reservations)

Guest Room Pricing:
Winter Rates range from $94 to $149
Summer Rates range from $195 to $265

By Anne-Marie S.