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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Book Worm

These days we are bombarded by big box stores, and ‘everything-looks-the-same-chains’ for our retail needs. I don’t know about you, but I start to feel like an insignificant statistic surrounded by floor to ceiling products. I get lost in the overwhelming feeling that I could be in any city, in any state, or for that matter, any country because the inside of these stores all look the same. The employees all talk to me the same way without any trace of genuine interest. I understand that large corporations have to protect their brand and present a unifying image to the public, but I want more. That’s why I support local business owners when I can. And that’s the wonderful thing about our town, Laguna Beach. We have hundreds of home-grown businesses that give you the opportunity to support the community.

Laguna Beach Books  is an independent bookstore in an era dominated by online ordering. Call me old school, but I still enjoy holding a new book in my hands, flipping its pages and reading a few lines before I buy it. Inevitably I look a little further down the shelf and find another book of interest. Laguna Beach Books is the perfect spot to lazily browse the shelves and walk out with your arms full! Founded 4 years ago and located at the Shoppes at the Old Pottery Place, this book store is a perfect fit for the HIP District of Laguna. They have all the standard book sections such as cooking, travel, art, fiction, children, young adult and non-fiction. Although, what really caught my eye were the sections that were a bit more original like ‘Powerful Non-fiction,’‘Local,’ ‘Surf,’ ‘Pets,’ and a large ‘Metaphysical’ selection.  With such an array of books to choose from, Laguna Beach Books really captures the feel of the town…eclectic!
Replica Historic Lifeguard Tower on Main Beach

They also tap into building a community meeting place by having special events and book signings. This week they had author Jean Haner speak about her new book, “The Wisdom of Your Child’s Face”, along with giving free Chinese Face Readings.

A few weeks back, Nigel Barker, famed photographer and ‘Next Top Model’ judge came to speak about his book “Beauty Equation” and even demonstrated some of his techniques by snapping pictures with guests. 

And coming soon on October 16th, local born celebrity Lauren Conrad will be signing copies of her new book, “Sugar and Spice”.

In addition to hosting authors Laguna Beach Books has partnered with St. Mary’s Episcopal Church for “Laguna Reads” a great way for the community of Laguna Beach to come together through literature. The first selection is “The Girl Who Fell from the Sky,” by Heidi Durrow. The store has also featured children’s story time, music for kids and even writer workshops. The staff is helpful and if the store does not have a book in stock, they can order it for you to arrive in no time.

Laguna Beach Books is really one of those stores that feels in-touch with you, the customer, and their community. As an awesome alternative to your run-of-the-mill bookstore, visit Laguna Beach Books at 1200 S. Coast Hwy., the next time you’re in town and get a taste for the independence that makes Laguna Beach so unique.

By Anne-Marie S.


  1. we find your reports not only entertaining but factual in content. We have begun revisiting the LB locale and places you report on.

  2. We are so glad that you are enjoying our blog! Thanks for reading!