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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

In the Right Light

In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” -Aaron Rose

I realized how true this quote was when I met Judy Kelly. After the tragic loss of her son, Judy went on a journey that ended in the creation of a sacred place where one can find light and peace. That place is Pure Light Laguna.

Walking into the store, you are immediately overcome with a calming feeling. Small wind chimes quietly sing in the doorway, soft hues of gold and blue greet you inside, dark old wooden tables and shelves hold treasures from around the world, and a mixture of spicy and floral scents envelop you. This is a place of rest, and one for creation.

Judy’s vision is to provide a way in which we can all find the talents and gifts that lie within each of us and it is found through the making of candles. The process is simple: choose your form, your colors, your scent, and finally your embellishments. The end result leaves you with a truly unique and beautiful creation.

While I made my candle, I thought of who I was going to give this light to…it is going to be given to a dear friend of mine who means so much to me. She has always been a pillar of strength, beauty and a confidant. She loves the pureness of the ocean and gentle colors it gives us. So I chose a theme that would capture all that she means to me.

Pure Light has over 30 forms that you can shape your candle into. The form I chose is called ‘toaster.’ You can even custom make your form if you can’t seem to find just the right shape.

With more than 40 colors to choose from, I had a bit more of a challenge. I wanted to stay with an ocean-inspired color scheme, so I went with four colors: a sandy rust color, a dark green, a light blue-green and yellow.

Wax Colors
The scent wall was a delight for my nose. But I had to stay focused and I knew exactly what I was looking for. In fact, there was a scent aptly named ‘ocean mist’… perfect!

Scent Wall
The next step is picking your embellishments. Pure Light has an array of items you can add to your candle. There are charms, rocks, shells, beads, miniature wick candles, prayer tiles, quotes, and much, much more. Honestly, you will be able to find any embellishment for the theme you have chosen for your candle. You may also bring in a special token of yours to include in the candle.

Pre-shaped wax
Since I had chosen an ocean theme and the colors I found were exactly what I wanted. I decided on several shells, a starfish, sea glass, and a small pewter shell trinket.

Once you have all of your supplies gathered, the creating process begins. First, the wax needs to be cut and stacked into the mold. Then the embellishments are added, followed by hot paraffin wax, and finally, your embellishments.

Cut wax
Layering wax in mold
Adding final wax pieces and embellishments
Pouring hot paraffin wax into mold
Placing the final embellishments

Then the candle needs to set and cool before the mold can be lifted and your final creation revealed. When Judy lifted my mold and presented my candle, I gasped with joy! I LOVED it and I knew my friend was going to love it even more. I knew that this candle would light her home and bring her joy like she had given to me so many times before. Making this candle was such a special way for me to say ‘thank you,’ to a truly extraordinary person in my life.

Find your light and inspiration at Pure Light in Laguna Beach. Walk-ins are welcome, or if you don’t have the time to stay and make your candle, you can choose your embellishments and have a candle artist make it for you. You can also book a candle making party for children or adults.

More Pure Light Deals:
Mondays are Pure Color Days, when you select your candle, the pour is the same color for a solid finish.
Thursdays are Ladies Day with 20% off their entire creation.
Fridays are for Couples with 20% off each of their candle creations.
Sundays are Kid’s Days (age 4-17) with 20% off their creations.

By Anne-Marie S.


  1. It's 6:29 in the morning, and yet already I am trying to figure out a way to get to this store today!! This sounds like a wonderful place, and while I might not actually get there today, I certainly am adding it to my "soon" list. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We took our girl scout troop here and the girls had a blast. they made such beautiful candle creations. I would recommend everyone try out making their own candles. Fun place with a beautiful view of the ocean as well.