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Monday, October 24, 2011

Barnaby Rudge Booksellers & DVD Rental

A mix of antique books and DVDs are items you may not necessarily think go together, but when you step inside Barnaby Rudge Booksellers & DVD Rental, you will see why they do. Spend a little time browsing and talking to owner and long-time Laguna Beach resident Ed Postal and you begin to see how they go hand in hand.

The story of how Barnaby Rudge Booksellers began dates back to the early 90s when Ed first started purchasing antique-like books. His interest began to turn into a passion and then a business of seeking out, purchasing and selling antique books, dating as far back as the 15th century, was created. Barnaby Rudge sells books to Universities and major libraries all over the world. as well as many museums, including The Getty. Book appraisals and restoration are also part of the services that Barnaby Rudge provides. They are also members of the Antiquarian Booksellers’ Association of America, one of only 400 bookstores in the US. Barnaby Rudge is the only antique bookstore left in Orange County.

For many of us history can seem fragmented and isolated when no connection to the present or the future is made. Ed has found just the opposite to be true when you’re able to interact with antique books. He says, “You begin to see how all of history is inter-related and connected (when looking at antique books). Without hundreds of thousands of years of over editorializing you begin to see historical events from both sides.” And for some of us we relate to historical events through film.

Seeing a historical movie can bring an event to life. In many films, the Set Decorators seek out authentic, historical props, like books, to add to films. Barnaby Rudge has been involved in 15 movies and about a dozen TV shows. Ed helped recreate the John Quincy Adams library in the 1997 film AmistadAnother example was in Pirates of the Caribbean II, where a Bible from the late 1700s was featured. You can spot the Bible in a scene where two pirates are reading passages from it while on a dingy boat. Barnaby Rudge sold that Bible to the Set Decorator for the scene.

Barnaby Rudge houses a large independent film selection, a strong classic film section and has all of the “Best Picture” Academy Award winners available. Ed and his staff prescreen all movies that come into the store, so they can truly recommend the right one and give accurate reviews about each film. His clientele like being able to ‘touch’ (it seems like everything is viewed digitally these days!) and hear about what they are going to watch before making a decision. DVD rentals are $3.50 for two nights, or pre-paid packages of 10 for $30, or 20 for $50 are also available.

Whether you’re looking to view a piece of history or watch a highly recommended film, drop in to Barnaby Rudge Booksellers & DVD Rental for a mix of the past, present and future.

1445 Glenneyre Street
Laguna Beach, CA 92651
Toll Free (866) 840-5900, (949) 497-4079

Fun Fact: Barnaby Rudge is a character from a Charles Dickens book of the same name. In 1841, Edgar Allen Poe was the editor of the publication ‘Graham’s Magazine.’ Besides submitting his own writings for the magazine he also reviewed books, one of which was ‘Barnaby Rudge.’ The character Barnaby Rudge always carried a raven in his basket named Rip, and that was the inspiration for Edgar Allen Poe’s poem ‘The Raven.’

By Anne-Marie S.

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