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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Youth Arts Education

During July and August the Festival of Arts offers art education workshops for children. It is a creative and fun way to get kids interested in variety of different art mediums. This year some of the workshops have included ceramics, fish kites & mobiles, corn husk art, and jewelry design.

I was able to take my five-year-old twins to the jewelry design class. We were all excited to see what was waiting for us just beyond the arched entrance at the Festival. The class was set up in the center of the Festival grounds, which meant we were surrounded by the artist exhibit booths. Long tables were lined with what seemed like endless bowls of beads and charms. The kids were eager to begin their project and find what treasures the bowls of beads held.

All of the students were meticulously stringing beads to create spectacular necklaces and bracelets. My twins focused on their favorite colors, some boys took painstaking time using alphabet beads to form their names repeatedly on the strand and several girls made patterned colored necklaces.

We had three artists assisting at this workshop: Barbara Hendricks , and Roberto Brun, both jewelry designers and goldsmiths, and Marcus Thesing, hand blown art glass artist. They all patiently helped the students tie off their necklaces and fit bracelets. They dolled out lots of compliments to these budding artists that brought out some proud smiles. Roberto Burn even made each student a wire ring to wear home.

After finishing up their jewelry designs the twins and I took advantage of being on the Festival grounds and looked at many of the exhibit booths. (I grabbed a cup of joe at Gina’s Alfresco to enjoy while we walked.)

What a great way to start the day...creating, working with our hands, making jewelry…all while surrounded by beautiful art.

Youth Arts Education Days  take place every Tuesday and Wednesday in July and August. $10 material fee per session and reservations are required. For ages 5 to12. for more information.

By Anne-Marie S.

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